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Celebrating its 28th year, The Viddy Awards acknowledge the outstanding achievements in the creation, production, and delivery of video content. As one of the longest-standing and highly regarded awards programs in the industry, Viddy aims to honor exceptional video production across various sources including video production companies, advertising firms, government agencies, and independent producers. This year, we are proud to announce that rEvolution has received the prestigious PLATINUM award for not just one, but two of our remarkable video productions.  


 rEvolution has consistently aimed to advance Chipotle’s standing within the gaming community and establish the brand as one that truly “gets it.” Through every partnership, product introduction, and social media update, rEvolution’s primary objective is to generate buzz and further integrate the brand in gaming conversation and culture.  

When Chipotle introduced their new protein, “Garlic Guajillo Steak,” in September 2022, rEvolution identified TimTheTatman, a popular gaming creator and internet personality, as an ideal partner for Chipotle. Tim had a long-standing association with the brand, and Chipotle aimed to strengthen their relationship by involving Tim’s close friend, Cloakzy, who was also a top creator and a devoted Chipotle enthusiast. This choice was seamless as Tim and Cloakzy already had a shared community and frequently collaborated on content projects. The script for the Garlic Guajillo Steak advertisement was an ideal fit for Tim and Cloakzy as it showcased their natural chemistry, incorporated their unique personalities, and highlighted their playful banter and genuine friendship. Throughout the ad, they effortlessly complemented each other while staying true to themselves, resonating with their communities who already held them in high regard.

The outcome of the campaign surpassed expectations, going beyond a typical advertisement. It became a celebrated moment within the gaming community, further integrating Chipotle into gaming culture, and sparking conversations about Garlic Guajillo Steak among influential gaming talents and their audiences. 

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With the help of rEvolution, Continental Tire has leveraged their platform to boost awareness and drive sales among the soccer audience, which is a great expression of their longstanding presence in the sport. Our objective was to design a Continental Tire campaign focused on their new brand direction #SmartChoiceInTires, in order to reposition the brand as the obvious option for a discerning customer looking for a tire product, one they can be completely confident in.

To maximize on the buzz surrounding the 2021 MLS playoffs, rEvolution and Continental partnered with one of the top goalkeepers in the league, Sean Johnson. In this advertisement, Sean Johnson discusses the importance of maintaining a steady mindset while recreating the lead-up to a critical save he made during the 2021 MLS Cup. The scenario depicted in the commercial, which highlights Sean’s need for “Smart Choices” while defending the goal in a soccer game, directly connects with Continental’s #SmartChoiceInTires campaign.  

Ensuring positive fan sentiment was of utmost importance during this project, as we aimed to draw the viewers’ attention to the brand’s standout moment. By tapping into Continental’s insights and objectives, this campaign achieved its desired impact on a widespread audience. The viewers of the 2022 MLS season playoffs and the MLS cup bore witness to a remarkable, award winning, broadcast spot, thanks to the successful collaboration of rEvolution and Continental. 

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Thank you again to the Viddy Awards for their recognition and congratulations to our fellow recipients!