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Deep knowledge, independence and data-driven methodologies are the cornerstones of rEvolution’s sponsorship consulting practice. From major global sports platforms to niche local lifestyle events, rEvolution guides brands through the full sponsorship lifecycle.

Whether the deal is in the exploratory phase, has been signed or is up for renewal, rEvolution’s sponsorship experts can deliver custom and efficient solutions to meet the client’s objectives, reach its target audiences and differentiate from competitors.

Along with actionable recommendations, we have the negotiating experience, far-reaching industry relationships and trusted formula to ensure that our clients are in the strongest negotiating position to receive the optimal assets at the best price.

Actionable Analyses & Systematic Evaluations for Brands

From strategy to negotiation, our team is equipped to answer a breadth of questions specific to the partnership or across the entire portfolio. Our products can be utilized as standalone options, or in combination, to solve the most complex client issues.

In-Depth Analysis

Focused on the marketplace or audience, these in-depth explorations are used to map out competitive trends, sponsorship activity, areas of “white space” opportunity and alignment with a brand’s target audience. Specific to the partnership, an assessment or valuation can be conducted.

  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Partnership Valuation

Property Selection & Strategy

To help identify new opportunities or best leverage an existing portfolio, our proprietary models can be used. A property scorecard is built in tandem with the brand to allow for a standardized evaluation of sponsorship opportunities. Taking it the next step, scorecard results serve as the base for portfolio optimization to evaluate multiple scenarios.

  • Property Scorecard
  • Portfolio Optimization

Return on Objectives

A customized tool that helps demonstrate the effectiveness of a sponsorship platform in relation to established objectives and goals – visualized in a simple, digestible scorecard. This solution helps brands define goals up front and then becomes an ongoing measurement deliverable.

  • Set objectives, importance ratings and goals
  • Ongoing tracking of results

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With a strategy in place, our work can help inform additional rEvolution services.

Sponsorship Strategy and Research

Introduce primary research to track audience behavior against objectives

Media Services

Layer in expertise for the endemic and digital audiences

Marketing Communications

Craft the right message to reach your fans


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