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Delivering the Right Impressions to the Ideal Fans
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How Your Brand Makes Some Noise

The rEvolution media team is a full-service media agency within a full-service marketing agency. We work with our clients and internal teams to ensure our advertising and media strategies align with goals and objectives across a client’s entire campaign.

We connect brands with fans through creative media campaigns using innovative touchpoints backed by layered research, thoughtful strategy and “nitty gritty, every detail matters” tactical execution. We live and breathe emergent technology, creating successful and measurable omnichannel strategies.

Connecting Brands with Fans

rEvolution’s media team integrates media thinking into every aspect of the agency’s work to create the most effective solutions possible.

Pure Play Media

rEvolution provides its clients with media placement driven by audience behavior, impressions, TRPs, Reach and Frequency measures, all based on its internal CPM benchmarks and industry best buying technology.

Sponsorship Placement

Programs are designed to be deep dives into a partnership through messaging and content alignment. Media placement is driven by the relationship and the ability to align a brand with a consumer’s passion for a team.

rEvolution Media

We have built a system in which we have both deep running relationships with our partners and best-in-class media planning, ensuring that consumers connect with brands in a meaningful and measurable way.

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Featured Case Study

Turtle Wax – Data-Driven TV

With a first-to-market product ready to launch, Spray & Wipe, Turtle Wax challenged rEvolution to generate brand awareness, leverage key retail partnerships and educate its key target consumer group about Turtle Wax’s history of product excellence.

rEvolution’s media group set out to build an innovative media strategy to achieve Turtle Wax’s objectives – developing a data-driven media plan using the latest targeting capabilities to place TV ads in the most effective way possible. Along with addressable TV, OTT and high-profile local TV in key retail footprints, rEvolution supplemented this approach with second screen tactics aimed at driving traffic to the Turtle Wax website.

From the breadth of positive reviews on Turtle Wax’s website to video and mobile display advertising retargeted at consumers, the results overperformed expectations. Specific to the media strategy, more than 50 million targeted impressions were delivered along with an 85% video completion rate and 36% lift in site visitation. Additionally, when media was running, engagement increased across properties.


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increase in consumer session time on Turtle Wax website

increase in consumers navigating multiple pages

increase in ecommerce sales during live media period

increase in site traffic from cities where local market TV aired

increase in local market site traffic from local TV & digital tactics

ROCKSTAR media team! Your strategy and data-driven approach has made waves in the organization (in a good way!) – people trust where we are putting our dollars now. We know we are in good hands.

Director of Global Marketing Communications

How it Works Together

From tactic to overarching strategy, we’ll work to ensure our media strategy aligns with goals and objectives across a client’s entire campaign.

Marketing Communications

Craft the message and content with our in-house specialists

Sponsorship Consulting

Dig into the property’s fans or your own audience with rEvolution’s consulting team

Sponsorship Strategy & Research

Primary measurement solutions to help attribute success

Experiential & Production Services

The immersive experience that brings the messaging to life

Featured Case Study

Continental Tire – Leveraging the Complex World Cup Media Ecosystem

With a huge investment in soccer – relationships with teams and individual players, a robust portfolio of creative assets and a dedicated web channel for soccer-related content on its website – the 2019 World Cup marked a huge opportunity for Continental Tire to effectively leverage its sponsorships to meet its marketing and sales goals.

To capitalize on the increase in site traffic, users were retargeted to a specific Continental Tire page with co-branded creative using USWNT promo messaging. The ads were served as prospecting tactics against both behavioral segments (general sports fans) and contextual environments (subject specific) – ultimately driving on-site actions and conversions.

rEvolution’s approach showed huge lifts in key metrics. TV and social partnerships drove immediate traffic to “For the Love of Soccer,” while digital banners and second screen ads drove conversion at a much higher rate than standard campaigns.


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increase in page views

increase in new users

increase in total actions

increase in primary conversions

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