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About Us

Sport is a universal language – and we are fluent in it.

rEvolution is a unique collective of marketing experts, built to move the needle for brands looking to leverage sports as a means to successfully achieve business goals. Navigating the sports marketing landscape requires experienced insiders, like those at rEvolution, who speak the language and make things happen. This is who we are.

We are rEvolution

We are a full-service agency that leverages authentic connections between brands and the passion points of their audiences.

Meet Our Team

Working with rEvolution has allowed us to successfully drive our business through a variety of our sports partnerships. We are excited to maximize these existing relationships, as well as identify new opportunities to broaden our presence in the sports and lifestyle marketplace.

Travis Roffler

Director of Marketing, Continental Tire


Nearly every detail of our Chicago HQ was custom created to tell the story of where rEvolution came from, who we are and our vision moving forward.

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Our Core Values

Our competitive advantage starts with a sustainable business strategy coupled with a passion to succeed as a team of talented people through our culture, values, principles and an unwavering attention to detail.

We Are Change Agents

We innovate. We pursue superior quality. We work hard. We strive for improvement. We enjoy what we do.

We Put People First

We treat our clients, colleagues and partners as family. We seek to create win/win. We start with the assumpion that people are good and honest. We ask quality questions to get quality answers. We show urgency in our relationships.

We Are a Team

We practice excellence as a way of life. We listen openly, speak the truth and own what we say. We listen before reacting to opinions of others. We humbly agree or constructively critique. 

We Challenge Personal Effectiveness

We are goal oriented. We engage in process and organization. We plan ahead and anticipate. We practice blameless problem solving. We honor commitments.

We Start with Respect

We support and respect each other and the community-at-large.

Celebrating 20+ Years


Focused on Community

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