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rEvolution’s UK Managing Director Merrick Haydon recently had a great conversation with Oli Harris, Chief Marketing Officer at Championship Horse Racing and The Racing League, for The Sporting Blog.

Their conversation begins with Merrick’s origin story getting into sports marketing, starting his own agency with his former business partner, the late Rod Kohler, and merging with rEvolution in 2018.

The two then go on to discuss the changes in the business due to technological integrations, data analytics and tools – on display in our work with SAS, the Official Analytics Partner of British Rowing – as well as key learnings as a result of COVID-19 – particularly the power of rEvolution’s integrated service model and fully embracing and living by our core value, “We Are A Team.” Through all of these changes, though, Merrick reminds us, “A sports fan is a sports fan,” and our job is to constantly find new and creative ways to authentically connect our clients to this passionate audience.

Read more of what Merrick has to say in the full interview here, including his favorite moment working in sports marketing and the sports he is most looking forward to returning.