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rEvolution’s research team designed a custom study that measures “sponsor friendliness” among 25 traditional and emerging sports across the U.S. and UK. The result: rEvolution’s Sponsor Ranking, just recently published in SportsBusiness Journal, which shows each sport’s position in relation to its sponsor friendliness and popularity.

You may be asking, what is sponsor friendliness? Historically tracked in our research studies, rEvolution has developed a series of questions that measure tribe and reward attributes, such as the impact of a sponsorship on brand opinion and purchase intent, along with agreement statements about the property. In other words, it measures a sponsorship’s efficiency.

Combining sponsor friendliness with the reach, or popularity, of each given sport in our study resulted in rEvolution’s Sponsor Ranking.

These results, coupled with our recent COVID-19 and the Impact on Sports Fans, paint an interesting and optimistic picture around sponsors’ significance among sports fans and their role in our journey to the return of live sports.

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