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rEvolution experts explore real value and exclusivity in gaming culture   

On April 8, Chipotle amplified its commitment to the Fighting Gaming Community (FGC) with its announcement as the official partner of TEKKEN 8, which will see the legendary fighting game franchise take center stage as the title game for 2024 Chipotle Challenger Series 

The partnership introduces unique incentives such as earning in-game currency with digital orders and unveiling the exclusive TEKKEN 8 Battle Bowl menu item. Additionally, Chipotle’s commitment to gaming shines through the brand’s continued sponsorship of the Evolution Championship Series (Evo) in Las Vegas.  

Through these initiatives, Chipotle aims to engage with the FGC, providing real value and exclusive experiences while strengthening its connection with gaming culture.  

With almost two decades of combined expertise in gaming strategy and activation, Chris Mann, Senior Vice President of rEv/XP, and Julia Seaton, Director, Client Services – Gaming & Esports, take a deeper look at the partnership and their own Chipotle go-to orders.  


For the first time ever, TEKKEN 8 players can earn premium in-game currency by placing digital Chipotle orders. What excites you most about the future of gaming collaborations? 

Chris Mann: When it comes to brands collaborating with games, the future lies in continuing to find ways for brands to add value to the player / community experience. It’s not just about slapping logos in a game or building a brand owned experience, but really finding ways to create a connection with the community through their key passion point. In the case of TEKKEN, and last year with Street Fighter, our team used industry expertise and key partner insights to unlock opportunities and experiences that truly are valuable to the player. Following this strategy allows our clients like Chipotle to create connection and be part of the conversation, resonating with the player base and driving KPI’s like brand love, consideration, and purchase intent. 

Julia Seaton: I’m excited by the opportunity for brands to use video games as an avenue for building genuine connection, not just garnering marketing impressions. To Chris’ point, the best programs go beyond a logo slap or billboard in-game – they add value to the player’s experience and integrate the brand in a meaningful way. Chipotle’s food is already a perfect complement to the gaming ritual – it’s delicious, easy to eat, and available to order digitally – and by offering highly sought-after in-game content alongside their food, the brand is able to build and reinforce that relationship during key moments in the game’s lifecycle, like the launch of the TEKKEN store, when player interest and engagement is highest. 

What are your thoughts on the player-created TEKKEN 8 Battle Bowl? 

Chris Mann: We are always looking for ways to empower the community to have their voice heard. In this case and knowing the fighting game community (FGC) are massive Chipotle fans, we crowdsourced their favorite elements to create the ultimate TEKKEN community bowl. To further incentivize the community, ordering the TEKKEN  8 Battle Bowl automatically enters players into limited sweeps to win a premium collectors edition signed by TEKKEN  Executive Game Director Katsuhiro Harada. Harada is a massive influence in the FGC and this item will be highly coveted. 

Julia Seaton: One of our biggest challenges in creating a TEKKEN inspired menu item is the game is inherently fictional / comprised of fictional characters. Sure, we could do our best to imagine what Jin or Kazuya’s go-to Chipotle order would be and add that to the app, but this strays away from Chipotle’s core spirit of realness and authenticity. With that, we came up with the solution to focus on the very real TEKKEN community, and to use this as an opportunity to recognize them and have their voices be heard within the campaign. 


Aside from the Battle Bowl, what’s your go-to Chipotle order when gearing up for a gaming session? 

Chris Mann: I’m a bowl guy, usually go between Chicken, Barbacoa or Sofritas. Currently all about the return of Chicken Al Pastor! 

Julia Seaton: I love to change it up! I try to never order the same protein more than twice in a row, though I do make exceptions for the Chicken Al Pastor. My most recent order was a Chicken Al Pastor quesadilla with fresh tomato salsa, sour cream, and honey vinaigrette, and I won’t be surprised if I break my “no repeats” rule the next time I’m back.