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Evo 2023: Chipotle Reigns as the Title Sponsor, Fueling the Fighting Game Community

The Evolution Championship Series, popularly known as Evo, has been an annual esports extravaganza dedicated to fighting games since its beginning in 2002. This prestigious event brings together players and fans from all corners of the globe, and this year, it reached new heights with Chipotle as the title sponsor. 

The Power of Chipotle x Evo Integration

REV/XP, the gaming subset of sports marketing agency rEvolution, used their industry expertise to lead the collaboration between Chipotle and Evo. As the presenting partner, Chipotle’s presence was felt everywhere during Evo 2023, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. 

Exciting Rewards for Evo Pool Winners

Chipotle’s dedication to the gaming community went beyond the Main Stage, with the brand offering a suite of rewards to players who advanced from early-stage competition (“Pools”). Players advancing from the first round of pools received a Chipotle entrée card, and second-round pool winners enjoyed an exclusive, limited edition Chipotle x Evo backpack. These rewards helped to raise the stakes and boost excitement around early-stage wins, showcasing Chipotle’s commitment to elevating the Evo experience. 

Chipotle Community Lounge

At major gaming events like Evo, simple comforts, like places to sit and charge your phone, are always hard to find. To meet the needs of players, Chipotle constructed a dedicated Community Lounge on-site, which was equipped with ample seating, charging stations, LED screens, custom pin giveaways, side tournaments, and more.  

In an effort to celebrate and center the community, Chipotle partnered with the talented FGC artist, kleverART, to create a one-of-a-kind Street Fighter 6 x Chipotle mural. This mural was prominently featured in the lounge as a photo opp for all attendees to enjoy.    

To keep the energy high, Chipotle also hosted hourly Street Fighter 6 brackets within the lounge, where players could compete for the chance to win a custom Chipotle x Evo backpack. These brackets provided valuable opportunities for competitors, and allowed players who had already been knocked out of formal competition to continue to compete. 

Chipotle’s Triumph: Elevating the FGC

As the largest fighting game tournament in the world, Evo remains a pivotal event for gamers and fans alike. With Chipotle’s support, this year’s Evo took the gaming community to new heights, and it’s safe to say that the partnership left a lasting mark on the hearts of attendees. 

The success of the activation reached its peak during the Sunday Grand Finals, with the electric Evo crowd bursting into cheers and chants for Chipotle each time an ad appeared on screen. This spectacle demonstrated the incredible connection that Chipotle had built with the community over the course of the year through activations with COMBO BREAKER, Street Fighter 6, and now Evo, and the outpouring of enthusiasm, memes, and shared jubilation cemented Chipotle’s position in FGC culture and history for years to come.  

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