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If you were at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, you’re probably still trying to recover. Your ears are still ringing from three, jam-packed days of blaring techno music. Your eyes are starting to adjust from the ridiculous strobe lights. Your wallet is depleted after that $300 three-day wristband.

Although a little FOMO may have come into play with the music festival taking place in my hometown of South Florida, I had the luxury of enjoying the sights and sounds from the music festival on my couch via the livestream. And I wasn’t feeling the hurt come Monday morning.

During my “Ultra Watch Party” from Chicago, a few things jumped out at me based on what we study on a daily basis at rEvolution…

First off, the festival was streamed on Twitch – a platform we have immersed ourselves in while rEvolution launched its eSports subsidiary, rEvXP.

Twitch is most popularly used as a social video platform and community for gamers. But as EDM integrates video game-like beats, it’s apparent there is an increasing overlap in lifestyles between avid EDM fans and eSports fans. The livestream was a move that makes Twitch more about accessing live events from home than watching other people play video games.

As I was watching the stream on Sunday, anxiously awaiting the release of initial March Madness TV ratings, I noticed over 100,000 people also had their eyes glued to #ULtraLive on Twitch. Could this be a viable platform for brands to break-through to a millennial audience?

I compared ratings and interestingly enough, Ultra had pulled in more viewers on Twitch than Fox Sports 1 averaged for NCAA men’s basketball games during the 2014-15 season (100K). To put it in perspective, this year men’s college hoops pulled 109K average viewers on FS1 and 118K on ESPNU.

Viable ad buy, right?

Dr Pepper Snapple Group beat you to the party with 7UP. With a media deal, a 7UP emblem appeared on the top right corner of the broadcast.

I wanted to dig deeper. How did they activate on this deal in Miami and on-site? Keep in mind; this was an event that drew more than 165,000 attendees to a sold out Bay Front Park in Miami.

Well, they blew it out of the water with an exclusive partnership with the 19-year-old star DJ Martin Garrix with a very touching message.

During the weekend, 7UP hosted the Music Lifts You Up event. The brand participated in a massive outreach to the deaf community to give them an exclusive concert experience with Garrix, so they could feel the music.

And it took me aback…

According to YouEDM, “attendees were treated to walls covered in speaker cones that they could feel and interact with, as well as padded flooring that vibrated throughout the body. Visuals were paired to water experiments that the music itself brought to life, creating a completely seamless and encompassing audio/visual experience. Some attendees were also fitted with Subpac-like backpack systems that conveyed bass throughout the body.”

They also sponsored an exclusive VIP Music Lounge in South Beach and a music stage on the festival grounds.

Are you thinking music festivals are a viable option for marketing now? You better believe it. In a study on music festivals a couple years back, Neilsen found that 32 million people attend a music festival in the U.S. each year – 46 percent of those people are aged 18-34.

Up next is Coachella. BTW, are you doing anything for Lollapalooza? Hit us up.