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Chipotle Challenger Series  

On July 6th, Chipotle, supported by REV/XP, hosted the finals of the Chipotle Challenger Series, featuring the recently released and highly popular Street Fighter 6 as the title game. With an astounding 471 teams competing in the qualifiers, this event stands as one of the largest-ever Street Fighter team tournaments in the history of the legendary gaming franchise.  

The Ultimate Prize 

For the talented competitors who took part in this thrilling tournament, the stakes were higher than ever. They vied for a share of the staggering $30,000 prize pool and an entire year of free Chipotle, which would be enough for most branded tournaments. However, Chipotle always strives to do more for the community, so for this year’s Chipotle Challenger Series, the brand offered the Top 2 teams a paid trip to the 2023 Evolution Championship Series (Evo), the premier global fighting game tournament.

The Livestream Experience 

Chipotle’s commitment to the gaming community goes beyond the competition itself. During the live broadcast, Chipotle gave away a staggering 10,000 free burritos and bowls, along with 100,000 free orders of chips and guac, to lucky viewers. This gesture not only highlights Chipotle’s dedication to providing unique and unforgettable experiences but also showcases their appreciation for the passionate gaming community that continues to support their brand. 

A Partnership for the Ages 

Chipotle’s commitment to delivering exclusive experiences to the FGC is made possible through strategic partnerships and expert facilitation by REV/XP. This collaboration ensures that esports enthusiasts and Chipotle fans alike can come together to celebrate the fusion of gaming and real, delicious food.   

Chipotle’s Street Fighter 6 campaign, led by REV/XP, has raised the bar for branded activations within the gaming industry. In June, Chipotle became the first restaurant brand to offer Street Fighter 6 players the opportunity to earn Fighter Coins, a coveted premium in-game currency, through digital entrée purchases. Building upon this success, the Chipotle Challenger Series made Street Fighter history this month, standing out as one of the largest-ever team tournaments for the franchise.

More still to come 

Looking ahead, Street Fighter 6 will deliver exciting, branded experiences to players in-game, solidifying Chipotle’s presence in the gaming world. Players can expect the introduction of Chipotle Daily Brackets, Battle Hub signage, and Chipotle-branded avatar items, all adding a distinct flavor to the gaming experience. Chipotle’s dedication to the passionate fighting game community remains unwavering, evident through their continued investment as the presenting partner for Evo 2023.  

Evo 2023 promises to be an extraordinary event for both Chipotle and the gaming community. As the brand takes center stage, they will not only host a Community Lounge but also facilitate mini pick-up brackets, giveaways, and much more. By establishing a deep connection with gamers, Chipotle has cemented itself as a major player in the gaming industry, setting new standards for branded partnerships and community engagement.  

As Chipotle continues to unleash exclusive experiences for the Fighting Game Community, it’s evident that they understand the importance of connecting with their audience and fostering memorable moments that will resonate with the digital community for years to come. To read more about our work with Chipotle, click here!