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rEvolution is honored to announce that our collaboration with Concacaf has been recognized with a prestigious Web Excellence Award.

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Web Excellence Awards

The Web Excellence Awards program chooses its winners through a meticulous evaluation process conducted by a team of marketing and web design experts. Moreover, participants who can demonstrate themselves as the foremost contenders on the internet are honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence. In the year 2023, the competition attained a remarkable achievement by garnering thousands of submissions from 29 countries across the globe. rEvolution expresses its gratitude for being bestowed with an award in the esteemed Web Excellence Awards 2023.

The Website Build

At first, rEvolution intended to promote Concacaf’s presence at the 2021 Goldcup in Las Vegas. However, the COVID-19 pandemic being at its peak necessitated a rapid adjustment of their strategy to prioritize a digital-first campaign. In response, rEvolution swiftly devised an interactive website that showcased the 60 years of milestones of Concacaf. The primary objective was to offer an engaging experience for ardent Concacaf fans and foster unity across all confederation activities.

rEvolution collaborated with Concacaf, FIFA, and other historians to curate historical footage and pictures for our 60-year custom timeline. At launch, we also included an interactive skills game on our website, in which fans can engage with various dynamic features, create shareable content, and compete against one another. The winners of the game received enticing prizes ranging from Concacaf merchandise, to match balls and even Concacaf match tickets. rEvolution also initiated an engaging digital celebration around the time of the Nation’s League Final.  

We achieved the broad reach, engagement, and connection with fans during the campaign by collaborating with industry-leading publications like The Guardian and Remezcla. This collaboration generated impressions and clicks on the website throughout the promotional period. Additionally, the promotional strategy incorporated influencer marketing, homepage takeovers, and banner ads. We also utilized in-stadium promotion to ensure the overall success of the campaign. 

The Results 

This “once-in-a-60-year” campaign successfully achieved its desired impact on a broad audience by utilizing Concacaf’s insights and intended outcome. 

Impressions: 19.6M+ 

Engagements: 93K+ 


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