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rEvolution has been in the news quite a bit this fall sharing its sports marketing expertise – check out what we’ve had to say.

  • rEvolution EVP Larry Mann shares his thoughts on NBA League Pass’ new offering for fans to pay for just the last quarter of a game:
    • “They offer what is now the standard streaming options like an all-teams option, single-team option, annual versus monthly options and single game — which MLB Advanced Media and are doing as well — but they are also pushing the envelope … The ratings, advertising and sponsorship implications are obviously impacted positively for the league by adding that supplemental audience.” – Digiday
    • “This continues a trend of paring down live sports into bite size morsels that appeases the continued trend of cord cutting while catering to shorter attention spans … With sports being the only real remaining avenue where live broadcast is embraced, this model is interesting because it creates new opportunities for advertisers in markets where they normally would not be seen (simply for fans and, let’s be honest, bettors, to watch the final minutes or seconds of a game at a low cost).” – The Sports Biz
  • Larry also weighs in on the University of Maryland’s Board of Regents’ stance to keep its head coach and athletic director following the death of lineman Jordan McNair.
    •  “In an investigation like this, the university is going to make sure all of its boxes are checked, and that includes considering the position of major sponsors, i.e., Under Armour, who has tremendous ties with the university … Obviously all those involved at Maryland felt the reward is greater than the risk (in keeping its head coach and athletic director). Assuming that the investigation gave proper consideration and due process, we have to give the program the benefit of the doubt.” – Baltimore Business Journal
  • REV/XP Co-Founder, SVP, Managing Director Dan Ciccone discusses the growth in esports and the advertising opportunities with Morning Consult. Among other things, he states, “It’s really no different than traditional sports” when it comes to advising brands about advertising in the space. Dan is also scheduled to speak at the ANA Marketing Law Conference next Wednesday, November 7.