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Have we reached "Peak" NFL?

A quarter of the way through the 2016 – ‘17 season, viewership is down 12%. Whether it’s the election, Kaepernick, cord-cutting millennials, concussion concerns, #Deflategate, or some combination of all to blame, is there reason to believe the NFL’s brightest day is behind it?

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Was the Viral Ryder Cup Putt by Heckler a Hoax?

We’re not typically conspiracy theorists, but something smelled fishy last Thursday after a putt from a fan called onto the green by PGA stars went viral. Evan dons his tin foil hat to investigate.

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So, Uhh… What Just Happened?

We take a look back at the Summer that was with a trend report spanning soccer, the Olympics, naming rights deals, and more.

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With Nike Out of the Game, Where Will Rory Go?

With Nike Out of the Game, Where Will Rory Go?

On Wednesday, Nike made a head-turning announcement that they would back out of the golf equipment business. “With this new focus, Nike Golf will transition out of equipment — including clubs, balls and bags,” the brand said in a hastily, three-paragraph announcement....

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