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Sponsorship Friendliness Study

rEvolution specializes in connecting brands with fans by tapping into their shared passion for sports. Sports sponsorship, valued at a staggering $70 billion worldwide, plays a pivotal role in countless brands’ marketing strategies. Understanding fans’ attitudes and behaviors towards the most popular sports and leagues is crucial. 

In Q2 of 2023, we conducted the second iteration of our proprietary “Sponsorship Friendliness Survey,” engaging more than 1,000 participants and gathering a wealth of data points. Within this data, we have distilled the most compelling and enlightening insights. You can find a highlight version of the report via the link below.  

The findings from this study were recently published in the Sports Business Journal (SBJ). In collaboration with SBJ, we offer a comprehensive view of each sport’s position in terms of sponsor friendliness and popularity that quantifies the effectiveness of a sponsorship. 

By combining sponsor friendliness with the reach and popularity of each sport within our study, we derived rEvolution’s Sponsor Ranking—a true game-changer in the field. 

The results

Our research has uncovered numerous surprises and insights, and we are excited to share the findings. Highlights of the report include the ranking of the top sports in relation to their sponsor friendliness and reach, the rapidly growing impact of women’s sports, the continuous battle within the motorsport rankings, and more. 

To access this industry-leading and comprehensive sports sponsorship study, simply register at the link below.