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It’s official – rEvolution has one of, if not the coolest office. Not just a mention, the integrated sports marketing agency secured a coveted spot in the Winner’s Circle of Crain’s Coolest Offices in Chicago 2019! Just a few of our favorite call outs from the piece:

  • “It is one of the most immersive office experiences you can find—and probably the workspace on this list that most embodies ‘cool.'” 
  • “This one really stands out, occasionally bordering on hotel design but with many innovative spaces,” says judge Richard Wright. “How can you not vote for the bleachers with an actual scoreboard? Go, team!”
  • “Details like a sprawling wall mural of Fittipaldi winning the 1972 Austrian Grand Prix are the embodiment of the passion that drives this sports marketing company.” 

Check out the full article, alongside some of our favorite images, here. You can also visit the rEvolution HQ page to see even more of our Fulton Market space.