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REV/XP, the nation’s first esports-dedicated sponsorship and brand agency, has consistently stood at the forefront of esports marketing. With a keen understanding of the fast-paced, constantly evolving space, REV/XP announces a re-launch that strategically positions itself to be the global esports leader in individual talent management and brand consultation and activation.

In 2015, REV/XP made waves as the nation’s first esports-dedicated agency, identifying the space’s potential and setting the standard in esports talent and marketing. The agency has efficiently and strategically navigated the space, guiding pro teams and brands alike to unparalleled success. REV/XP has managed high-profile partnerships with top-tier teams OpTic Gaming and Splyce and has ushered in and managed campaigns for brands like Chipotle, Turtle Wax and PepsiCo’s Brisk to name a few. As a result, REV/XP has spearheaded activations that have generated more than 400MM overall impressions and have driven measurable ROI for sponsors.

With this re-launch, REV/XP further establishes itself as the leading global esports agency, with a clear focus on individual talent management and strategic partnership consultation for endemic and non-endemic brands looking to leverage the constantly expanding arena and its unprecedented levels of fandom, excitement and engagement.

“As more and more teams are being purchased by professional sports organizations with internal sponsorship arms, we identified the need and opportunity for individual talent management,” said Dan Ciccone, REV/XP’s Managing Director. “Many of the individuals that we have been working with have just as much influence, if not more, than traditional sports stars, and they drive a lot of revenue and eyeballs to their respective organizations. However, much of the marketplace still underestimates their marketing potential. As we witness more VC entities and traditional sports organizations getting involved, we are seeing an increased need for individual player contract negotiations, as many esports player contracts are currently being approached in an antiquated and complicated way. We initially launched REV/XP to identify the fair value exchange for teams and brand marketers in sponsorship, and we are evolving to bring that same fair value exchange to the players.”

REV/XP’s re-launch includes a redesigned logo and website, which details the agency’s experience and accomplishments in esports, a clear vision for its future and overview of the agency’s individual talent management capabilities. Please visit to learn more and get in contact with the team.

REV/XP is an industry-first talent management and marketing agency solely dedicated to esports. As a sister agency to rEvolution, REV/XP offers production, event activation, media placement, research, social strategy and analytics and talent management services that are unmatched in the esports landscape. The agency has been instrumental in introducing brands like PepsiCo’s Brisk, Turtle Wax and Chipotle to the esports community.