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rEvolution’s communications lead Dan Lobring, VP of Marketing Communications, made it into the news this past week, offering expert insight on matters ranging from 2018 marketing trends to effective email campaign tips. Check out what he has to say and read the full articles at the links below:

The New Year is quickly approaching, raising questions about what brands should be considering when planning for next year. Dan recommends authenticity and customization as “two quick things to keep an eye on as we head into 2018 as it relates to content marketing and influencer marketing.” More specifically, brands should “look for an increase in transparency regarding endorsement/paid influencer deals, with a focus on more of a natural tie between the influencer and whatever they are endorsing” and should “invest more in specific, per-platform strategies (i.e., using specific influencers based on the strongest engagement channels) and content that targets fans where they live in, on new emerging platforms.”- 2018 Predictions & Trends to Watch in Online Advertising – Creative Mindscape

Email subject lines are one of the most important and most difficult factors of a successful email campaign. When tackling, Dan suggests taking a step back and first “thinking about how connected you (or the brand) already are to the recipient. If you’re coming into the inbox cold, there’s value in grabbing the reader’s attention with something that will make them think…If the recipient is already engaged and a fan, then email marketing serves as a communications extension and lends itself to more freedom in how you communicate.”- Top 25 Email Subject Line Tips & Examples From The Pros – Fit Small Business