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rEvolution, the integrated and brand-focused global sports marketing agency, has hired Mikel Hartman as Senior Vice President, Operations. Hartman brings unparalleled insight into operations, client services, HR, business strategy and development to the rEvolution team. His expertise invigorates performance and growth throughout the agency and for all clients, in addition to working to develop the strongest executive leadership team possible. Mikel is based in Indianapolis and frequently works from the Chicago headquarters.

Mikel Hartman, SVP, Operations

Mikel comes from a rich background in agency operations, particularly within the motorsports industry. Prior to joining rEvolution, he spent a collective 12 years in leadership positions at Indianapolis-based agency JMI, first in Client Services before transitioning into Operations. Before that, he began his sports marketing career on the brand side, as a member of the marketing and sales team for motor oil producer Valvoline. Mikel graduated from Hanover College where he majored in Psychology, an area of study he often finds useful to apply both in sports and business.