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Mike Hormuth // Creative Director

Another rEvolution boomerang, Mike returns to the team as a key member of our Marketing Communications group. A career built mostly on the agency side, Mike holds a wealth of sports marketing knowledge, with experience helping a diverse range of brands strategically connect with the right target fan base across sports platforms including NFL, MLB, NCAA, motorsports, high school sports, esports and more. Mike is instrumental in managing rEvolution’s new business opportunities to ensure unequivocal success in our pursuit of winning and delivering exceptional, world-class campaigns. Mike graduated from the University of Notre Dame as a two-time varsity letter winner in football (student manager counts, right?). He loves spending his free time with his two young kids, especially playing their favorite game “monster” at the park. Also, Mike has a great idea for a children’s book; he’s just searching for the time to actually put pen to paper.

Mike’s Top Five Most Heartbreaking Notre Dame Football Games Since They Last Won a National Championship 30+ Years Ago
  1. 1991 Orange Bowl: Colorado 10 | ND 9 (Rocket Ismail’s game-winning punt return called back by a penalty)
  2. 2005 The Bush Push: USC 34 | ND 31
  3. 2013 BCS National Championship: Alabama 42 | ND 14 (I think Alabama just scored again)
  4. 1993 Boston College: BC 41 | ND 39 (#1 ND loses its final game of the season, missing a shot at the National Championship)
  5. 2001 Fiesta Bowl: Oregon State 41 | ND 9  (in hindsight, maybe we should have known about Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzadeh)

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