Kevin McGraw // Supervisor, Communications + Creative Strategy

Kevin fills a hybrid role at rEvolution with responsibilities, including creative strategy, communications, copywriting, design and social media. If you’ve interacted with rEvolution on social media, you’ve interacted with Kevin. Not only is he the voice of rEvolution, he’s also integral to business development, collaborating with all agency groups to generate integrated solutions and innovative concepts, as well as working closely with Client Services to execute relationship-building programs. You could say that Kevin wears a bunch of hats at rEvolution, which is (doubly) true because he also owns a bunch of hats (including the one in his headshot).

Kevin’s Top Five Favorite (Deleted) Kanye West Tweets
  1. The One Where He Can’t Find a Marble Conference Table
  2. The One With the Unwanted In-Flight Responsibility
  3. The One With the Truth About Fur Pillows
  4. This One With the Twitter, and the Cool Pants
  5. The One Where His Philosophy on all of Humanity is Revealed

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