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A fresh coat of slime on a Nickelodeon classic

Program Overview

#Only90sKidsRemember, but at one time, the center of the competitive universe was Nickelodeon. World Cup? Olympics? Psh. Try “Figure It Out” and “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Sure, many of us dreamed of reaching the NBA or the NFL – but everybody had aspirations of climbing the Aggro Crag.

Now 25 years later, NickSplat has poured a fresh coat of slime on, perhaps, the most popular program in Nickelodeon’s game show arsenal – tapping new host Liza Koshy and guest appearances by original host Marc Summers to reboot Double Dare for a new generation. But, not before teaming up with rEvolution to faithfully recreate the original for the generation who first loved it – in person at Comedy Central Presents Clusterfest in San Francisco – for Double Dare Presented by Mtn Dew® Kickstart™.

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Our Role

Working with Nick Experience, our in-house creative and production services teams set about pulling off the premier activation at Clusterfest, designing and fabricating an authentic recreation of the original Double Dare set. The footprint was modified for the space and time constraints and featured obstacles selected for a myriad of factors, including “clean-up-ability” and “Instagram-worthiness” – right down to the giant nose, “Pick It,” commonly known for its cascading boogery slime.

With news of the Double Dare revival breaking just over a month before the festival, Clusterfest served as an opportunity to create additional buzz around the new 40-episode slate.

On-site, though, it was all about childhood dreams fulfilled – as all three days of the festival saw both constant lines of consumers waiting for their chance to run the obstacle course and a healthy crowd cheering them on from the stands. With Nick Radio MCs and DJs, including J-Boogie, Maxwell and Colgate keeping the party going, the activation saw 586 fans (among thousands who spent time at the footprint) compete for their chance to win a coveted Double Dare fanny pack by making it through “The Wringer,” “Down the Hatch,” across the “Icy Trike” and capping things off with Kickstart™-sponsored “Dew® Hoops,” where contestants shot basketballs into giant cans of Kickstart™. The fastest time for each hour earned the ultimate prize: a live sliming in the NickSplat slime booth and an honorary induction into the Nick family.

The culmination of our time at Clusterfest was a live show on Sunday afternoon, hosted by Marc Summers and pitting upcoming talent from Comedy Central against alumni of MTV’s “The Challenge.” rEvolution produced every element of the live show – working with Nick Experience to write questions and design a gameplay as consistent with the on-air product as possible, while still making sense in the space. Contestants answered trivia and dared opponents to take messy physical challenges for points, with the winning team getting the chance to take on the obstacle course and, of course, a celebratory sliming. The show aired on Facebook Live and footage was used in various mainstream media, giving an international audience both a look back and a taste of what was to come with the upcoming and all-new season of the show on NickSplat.

Double Dare is back on the air and back in the minds of kids of all ages, thanks in part to events like Clusterfest, where rEvolution proved to be up to the physical challenge.


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