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McDonald's @ Clusterfest

A Global Affair, the McDonald's Way


A team effort with Viacom and McDonald’s partner agencies, rEvolution helped kick off the all-new Worldwide Favorites Menu right in the heart of Clusterfest. Responsible for the creative design and production of the QSR maven’s physical footprint, rEvolution developed an environment where festival-goers “traveled and ate” across the world, McDonald’s style, consuming the eats and culture (with humorous flair, of course) of the four highlighted global destinations of Australia, Spain, The Netherlands and Canada.

Upon snapping custom souvenir travel photos in front of the destination green screen, Clusterfest guests could rest their feet – in one of the only spots with seating – and enjoy some international McDonald’s favorites in the patio area. Visitors even had the chance to take in the festival sights atop the double decker bus while awaiting the Worldwide Favorites Comedy Tour, hosted by top-bill improve talent from Chicago, to commence.