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Harlequins & Charles Stanley

Producing an independent report on Rugby’s hottest topic

The State of Play

To coincide with the two-year anniversary of their partnership, wealth management company, Charles Stanley, and Harlequins commissioned rEvolution to produce an independent Player Education Report – The State of Play. The aim of the report was to provide insight into the current circumstances and pressures for professional rugby players, as they come to terms with transitioning from a professional athlete to life after sport.

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The Report

The rEvolution team carried out a series of 10 interviews with past and present Harlequins players, including club legend Mike Brown and current star Marcus Smith. The team developed a series of questions that would encourage the interviewees to open up about their experiences in relation to transitioning away from the professional game and life after rugby. Once conducted, the interviews were transcribed and written-up into a detailed 24-page report, alongside other relevant research.


Creative Design

Alongside the written copy, our Creative Services team worked to design a professional and dynamic report. Taking Charles Stanley’s ‘kaleidoscope’ brand motif and switching in the iconic Harlequins colours achieved this, whilst also incorporating branding elements from both clients. The overall look was supplemented by Harlequins player action imagery and produced for both print and online.


Public Relations

Throughout the production of the report, our PR + Comms team worked with the client to identify the key themes that were emerging, and build them into a media release that could be sold-in as an exclusive to a Tier 1 media partner, identified by rEvolution. The timing of the release was also considered to ensure maximum impact and exposure. The report was strategically released in the days after Harlequins won the Gallagher Premiership Final, with exclusive coverage in The Times from their Chief Sports Reporter.


We were extremely happy with the results delivered by the rEvolution team. Working closely with us and our partner Charles Stanley on a project that required a combination of professionalism, creativity and a good deal of sensitivity to the personalities involved (our players), they showed they had all these skills in abundance. We look forward to working with them again and would happily recommend them to others.

Dan Maisey

Partnerships Lead

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