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Goose Island Beer Company's Hop Harvest


Program Overview

In 2014, Goose Island was searching for a vehicle which would properly showcase its incredible hop farm – the best of its kind in this hemisphere – to the media, as well as to employees and national retail partners. The challenge: craft a program adaptable to serve as either a sales incentive or a PR tool and one with an original identity strong enough to stand out amongst Goose Island’s already strong event portfolio.

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Guests Who Glamped

Acres of Farm Explored

Ounces of Beer in the Fridge

Our Role

“Immersive” is a term that gets thrown around a lot by experiential marketers in describing their programs, often stretching the meaning of the word or outright lying. In the case of Goose Island Hop Harvest, there’s no other way to describe the experience.

rEvolution’s hospitality and creative services teams aligned to conceptualize a multi-day, tentpole event for Goose Island that would give an unprecedented look at its brand – unprecedented even for longtime Goose Island employees. Not a simple day trip or two to the farm with hotel accommodations, instead, a temporary camping resort was set up – providing all of the comforts of a luxury sleepaway and maintaining all of the charm and wonder of a night under the stars.

The resulting Hop Harvest glamour camping experience is an unparalleled opportunity to “live” the brand. Goose Island and its guests enjoy complete access (and, total privacy) on 1,700 serene and secluded acres just south of the Canadian border. The weekend is packed full of intimate outdoor dining experiences, wildlife adventuring, an educational inside look at the harvesting process, and of course…a lot of fantastic beer. Each activity and detail – from invitations to place settings – is delicately produced with the same care and attention as you’d see in top-dollar corporate hospitality at the Super Bowl, while still acknowledging the setting and maintaining the uniquely charming, rustic aesthetic crafted by our team of in-house creatives.

Now in its third year, Goose Island Hop Harvest has grown to be an integral part of the fabric of Goose Island’s brand – with the farm itself featuring prominently in recent ads and the trip expanding from the original seven days and 72 guests to 2016’s nine days and 172 attendees. Year three upped the stakes in other ways, as well, treating distributors, media, employees and national retail sales partners to unprecedented experiences in hovercrafts, helicopters and hot air balloons.

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