Sponsorship Works – But How?

Sponsorship Works – But How?

Anyone involved in sports marketing has undoubtedly sat through countless conference sessions where a sponsor has trumpeted its massive ROI or a league has proudly proclaimed how “sponsor-friendly” are its fans. There are also the legendary case studies, like how Visa rode its Olympic sponsorship to surpass Amex as the world’s biggest payment system. What’s […]

Sponsors: To Finish First Among Equals, Focus On Your Signature…

Sponsors: To Finish First Among Equals, Focus On Your Signature…

rEvolution has used its groundbreaking ROI model on hundreds of sponsorships over the past decade, including sponsors of the NFL, College Football Playoff, March Madness and NASCAR, among many others. This model serves as an amazing test lab where we isolate the hallmarks of winning – and losing – sponsorship strategies. In most cases, sponsors […]

Wanted: Manager, Consulting & Research

rEvolution seeks a dynamic individual to assist the Consulting and Research practice in executing its daily business development and client project production workflow.  The individual should have 2+ years of experience in brand marketing, agency business development and/or marketing research.  Exposure to the sponsorship industry is a plus, and the ability to think and adapt to […]

Danica’s Success Translates to Trouble for IndyCar

You might be forgiven for thinking that things couldn’t get any worse for the fine citizens of Indianapolis. Only a week after the coronation of King Peyton was suddenly crashed by a bunch of boys from the Bayou, Danica Patrick may just have accelerated the demise of the town’s marquee sports event faster than a […]

The Hand of God #2

I was in London last week visiting my Mum when the biggest cheating scandal since Spygate hit Europe. Thierry Henry, the French soccer Captain and former Arsenal great (probably better known over here as the third guy you can’t quite place in the Gillette ads next to Roger Federer and Tiger) scored in overtime of […]

‘Til Death Do Us Part

News of the week is that Staples has signed a “lifetime” extension to be the title sponsor of the Staples Center. Let’s leave aside the semantic issue of whose lifetime precisely – that of the Center which will inevitably be knocked down and replaced by some future uber-center in a few years, or that of […]

The Shape of Things to Come in NASCAR

We just completed a big consulting exercise for a major NASCAR sponsor to help them figure out what they should do next season. It was a pretty interesting exercise and by doing so revealed some facts which may be of pretty broad interest to those involved in the sport. For the first time some of […]