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The Next Normal

Trends for 2021 and a post-COVID world

Brands, rightsholders and governing bodies – and fans – all had to adapt during a tumultuous 2020. As the vaccines continue to be rolled out, the rEvolution UK team takes a deep dive into some of the trends from across the worlds of sport, entertainment and marketing which we predict will have a significant impact as we head deeper into 2021 … and beyond.

The Business Imperative
That Is ‘Brand Purpose’

‘Brand Purpose’ has been a buzzword in marketing circles since well before COVID-19. Here, George Gilmore argues as to why it is now integral to brands bottom line.

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The Importance of
the Sports Fan

Tim Welland discusses the plight of the sports fan during COVID-19 and the responsibility sports organisations have in supporting their supporters.

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How to Replace Betting
Branding in Sport?

In an extended version of an article published in City AM, Jamie Salmon explores the consequences of a possible ban on Betting branding in UK sport.

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Creatives in the World of Tomorrow, Inspire for Good

In a time of upheaval, Morgan Merle challenges his fellow creatives to use their power to inspire and drive positive change.

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Sustainability and the Changeable
Sports Sponsorship Ecosystem

As a mirror on society, Gayle Jenkins argues that sport – and sport sponsorship – has an increasing role to play in highlighting the climate issues at hand.

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Working From

Karl Boos examines the data to find out what the most productive working model might look like when returning to the office is an option.

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A Generation of Emerging Artists Rely on the Return of Live Music

Nick Clarke looks at the challenges COVID-19 has posed on the music industry and what positives may come out of it in the long-term.

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F1 is experiencing a shake-up, what
can we expect from the 2022 season

As F1’s landscape sets out to drastically change at the beginning of the 2022 season, Seb Kristensen takes the long view of how the new rules will impact the sport.

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