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rEvolution Sports Network

An Efficient Approach to the College Conference Networks

rEvolution Sports Network

The rEvolution Sports Network is a college football and basketball media platform which is an efficient and effective alternative to a traditional national network. We utilize college conference networks to create an aggregated national buy. All facets are managed with unparalleled customer service and single-source planning.


Our relationships with all of the conference networks provide you access to valuable, hard-to-get assets.

  • Competitive National CPMs

  • Guaranteed In-Game Inventory

  • Integrated Custom Content

  • In-Game Vignettes

  • Regional Frequencies & Messaging Bias

  • Highly Desired Game Tickets Available

  • Media Inventory

    Why Sports Media

    Outside of sports, broadcast media has fallen victim to the DVR and streaming behaviors of viewers that refrain from watching live in order to avoid commercial interruptions. Unlike other programming, sports remains the only “appointment television” that people consistently watch live.

    Content Integration

    We also have an in-house creative strategy and content production arm that excels in brand storytelling. Custom content is an integral tool in communicating brand values and messages in an authentic platform-focused theme. Relatable platform-specific content is vital to achieve brand acceptance.

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