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Silvia Tangaro // Senior Art Director

With more than four years of agency and freelance design experience, Silvia has reconnected with her love for sports at rEvolution, where she uses her passion to execute designs across a variety of clients. Silvia is an avid rollerblader and foosball enthusiast who grew up in Italy and Brazil before moving to the U.S. at age 8, where she learned English as a third language. Not only is Silvia a true crime fanatic who plays soccer and volleyball, she’s an accomplished designer whose passions for street art and 3D sculpting have led her to freelance art and murals for an impressive list of Chicago companies.

Silvia’s Top Five Favorite Comedy Sketch Shows
  1. “Key & Peele”
  2. “The Eric Andre Show”
  3. “A Black Lady Sketch Show”
  4. “Loiter Squad”
  5. “Mad TV”

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