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Shak Wazir // Vice President, Production

Prior to joining rEvolution in 2009, Shak Wazir enjoyed a long career in action sports – including creator of Hometown Skateboarding and co-owner of Naperville’s legendary RQ Boardshop with fellow rEvolution team member Brian Quarles. His time spent wrangling skate grommets, producing live events and later overseeing rEvolution’s experiential production and operations makes Shak a virtual human almanac of permits, safety considerations, pricing estimates and production costs. If you want a ballpark estimate on how much it’ll cost to build a vert ramp in a ballpark, Shak’ll get an answer back to you in five minutes.

Shak’s Top Three-ish Things He Wishes He Could Do (Or Do Better)
  1. Surf
  2. Skateboard
  3. Play guitar
  4. Break dance
  5. Paint

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