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Nick Sullivan // Manager Client Services

Nick Sullivan bleeds blue. The Michigan native moved to Chicago in 2021 after living in Michigan his entire life. He got a B.A in Communications and Media Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. Before joining the client services team, he worked for The Marketing Arm, managing partnerships across sports, gaming, and LGBTQ+ segments. Nick now manages communications with clients, partners, and various rEv segment teams. The self-proclaimed breakfast food enthusiast can also speak Swedish and is a dual citizen of Sweden.

Nick’s Top Three Most heartbreaking Moments As A Michigan/Detroit Football Fan:
  1. “Trouble with the Snap” (U of M vs. MSU, 2015)
  2. “JT was Short” (U of M vs OSU, 2016)
  3. “Miracle in Mowtown” Lions vs. Packers, Week 13, 2015)

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