Morgan Merle // Creative Services Director

Morgan believes that a conceptual and innovative approach, a robust work ethic and productive leadership team are all essential components to succeed in creative design. With a strong event and advertising background, Morgan has worked for a variety of agencies in different cities around the world, including Paris, Mumbai and Dubai. His background includes designing and implementing forward-thinking campaigns, while he has an innate sensitivity for his clients’ expectations across demographics and cultures, in which he strives to find unique and resonant solutions. Morgan has had the privileged opportunity to work with some of the most internationally recognised brands, such as Galaxy Chocolate, 5 Gum, Lipton, Toyota, Ford, Lincoln, Porsche, BAT, Unilever, Red Bull, Volkswagen, Nestle, Mercedes, Snapchat, BMW and UBER.

Morgan’s Top Five Favourite Smells
  1. Figuier by Dyptyque Paris (for his home)
  2. Interlude by Amouage (for him)
  3. Oud Wood by Tom Ford (for his shower time)
  4. Fresh cut grass
  5. A nice cigar

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