Michael Hatfield // Logistics Manager, Production Services

The boss of rEvolution’s Indianapolis warehouse, Michael oversees all of rEvolution’s event equipment and displays, ensuring everything for our clients is accounted for, maintained and ready to go at a moment’s notice. A CDL driver, he is also the trip lead when it comes to transporting and setting up a number of large-scale, intricate brand displays at major sporting events across the country. Michael joined the team after five and a half years in the IndyCar Racing world, where he managed to only catch fire twice refueling an IndyCar during the 2018 Indianapolis 500. He most looks forward to his annual fall fishing trip with his closest friends and family.

Michael’s Top Five Favorite Things in Life
  1. Favorite place to relax is Elk Rapids, Michigan
  2. Most beautiful place ever visited is Turks and Caicos Islands
  3. In possession of more than 2,500 movies on VUDU (and the collection is still growing)
  4. Favorite movie is “The Music Man”
  5. Favorite pastime is Football Sundays with the guys

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