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Julie Barnard // Executive Vice President

British born, American based and International by design, Julie is a leader who builds brands using a unique combination of skill, persistence and passion. Personal connections and premium service are core values at the heart of what she does and how she leads. Julie’s greatest successes are a direct result of steadfast integrity and old school work ethic. While embracing new media, she continues to be naturally drawn to one-on-one interactions and you’ll find her equally as skilled at listening as she is driving communications strategies and solutions. Her empathetic nature brings out the very best in her team and clients, while her very honest and direct business style effectively cuts to the heart of the matter.

Using her highly trained senses (all 6 of them), Julie quickly uncovers the right opportunities and resources at the right time to build clients a roadmap that guides programs forward, all the way to the finish. Results are everything and she is a fully invested partner in ensuring collective goals are met or, preferably, exceeded.  At the end of the day, Julie never loses sight of the audience, whomever they may be. They are the reason we continually set the bar higher and strive to be the very best.

Specialties: Marketing and communications strategy, business planning and integration, change management and team building.


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