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Elizabeth Zonta // Associate Director, Creative Project Manager

Elizabeth’s experience in project management dates back to 2006 and is one of the reasons she is one of the best in the business. As a part of the Creative team Elizabeth manages timelines & workload bandwidth. Despite having a tendency to get terribly seasick, an international boating company brought her aboard as their Creative Project manager. Elizabeth received her degree while living in Virginia Beach with a focus on Programming & Web Design. She grew up in Palatine, IL but cut her teeth on adulthood while living in Southeast Virginia; you can hear her southern twang creep out occasionally. 

Top 5 Things to Have When a Passenger in Elizabeth’s Car:
  1. 5-Point Harness/Safety Belt
  2. DOT-Rated Helmet
  3. A thrill for seeing your life pass before your eyes – hers always does!
  4. Comfortability eluding authorities and ability to talk/cry your way out of a ticket.
  5. A true love of Queen.



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