Alexis Cohen // Supervisor, Research

Alexis joined the team in 2016 with experience in sports and experiential marketing and an interest to measure the sponsorship landscape. As part of rEvolution’s Consulting and Research team, Alexis focuses on delivering insightful reports, executing surveys at events and dreaming up ways to make graphs look cool. A transplant to the Chicago office, she grew up in the D.C. area and studied at Virginia Tech and Georgetown. When she’s not trying to insert puns into everyday conversation, Alexis spends her time on the soccer field and visiting MLB stadiums (26 down, 4 to go). She’s also a certified yoga teacher and loyal Nats fan.

Alexis’s Top Five Favorite Discontinued Food + Beverage Products
  1. Pepsi Blue
  2. Shark Bites fruit snacks
  3. Oreo O’s Cereal
  4. Lemon Coolers Girl Scout cookies
  5. Cheetos Paws