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Content Marketing Best Practices

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Field


Beginning in 2015, rEvolution took it up a notch – working with General Tire to select and land a team of world-class anglers, including past champions Skeet Reese and Edwin Evers, who’d grow to be the twin personalities of the brand’s fishing presence. The campaign, covering both slapstick “fish out of water” office gags and world-class trick shots from Skeet and Edwin, has been a hit.
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Ask the right questions. Be strategic about the platform, the message, the influencer, the production, the copy – preferably all at once. Figure out what success will look like, then pursue it relentlessly.

  • Clearly define goals and KPIs
  • Research target and competition and opportunities
  • Evaluate platforms and influencers simultaneously
  • Begin crafting the messaging


Content was once king, but now everything is content. When you’re competing not just with other brands for fans’ mindshare, but with cat photos and memes as well, great content is the only way. Don’t strive for viral. Strive for resonant, authentic, well-placed, well-timed, well-made.

  • Messaging fit for platform, influencer, brand, and fans
  • Add value to fans through knowledge or access
  • Speak authentically – be a fan, too
  • Intelligently integrate branding


The new-age, “If a tree falls in the woods…” hypothetical might be something along the lines of, “If great content isn’t backed by an equally great distribution plan…” Application of the PESO model (a mix of paid, earned, social, and owned distribution) will save your great content from poor visibility.

  • Leverage fans and influencers as distribution channels
  • Integrate with paid media and partnerships
  • Do some good ‘ol fashioned PR support
  • Put partnerships to work
Best Practices

Enough Practice, Get in the Game

Brian Quarles
SVP, Creative Services