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Creating the Sparkly Wonderland of Hatchtopia

Program Overview

Thoroughly impressed with rEvolution’s experiential work around its PAW Patrol brand, the award-winning children’s entertainment company Spin Master invited us into the magical world of another one of its coveted toy brands, Hatchimals. The ask: create a wonder-filled experience to celebrate Hatchimals Day weekend this past October 4-7, 2018, devoting special attention to the launch of its newest product, HatchiBabies.

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Event Attendees

HatchiBabies Hatched


Our Role

rEvolution immediately sealed a partnership with The Grove, a high-end retail complex in L.A., to host and promote Hatchimals Day weekend. Drawing inspiration from its lush green 2,200 square foot lawn, rEvolution envisioned the creation of Hatchtopia, the coolest, “sparkliest” wonderland that everyone’s favorite Hatchimals call home. The vision in place, our creative and event production teams led the charge, from the overarching creative strategy to its minute details and flawless execution. Kids experienced firsthand the stunning beauty and constant supply of Hatchtopia surprises, the largest surprise of all taking place at The Hatchery – HatchiBabies hatching right before their eyes!

Throughout the weekend, crowds of fans, celebrities and passersby were drawn to the Hatchimals spectacle. There, guests received their very own Hatchtopia passport that granted them access to the immersive lands of Hatchtopia, collecting heart-shaped punches as they passed through each one with the salutation, “Hatch Ya Later!” A few fan favorite activities included:

  • The Hatchery – “Will you hatch a boy or a girl?” buzz could be heard during the frequent real-time HatchiBaby hatches. Upon their unveiling, kids had the chance to personally care for the newly hatched HatchiBabies, feeding, playing and cuddling them during their first few hours in the world.
  • Citrus Coast – Kids wandered upon a table bursting with an assortment of beads to create their very own HatchiBabies bracelet, a keepsake to forever remember their Hatchtastic day in Hatchtopia.
  • Fabula Forest – If you visit a magical land but don’t take a photo, did you actually visit that magical land? Friends and family posed in a Hatchimals forest wonderland as seven simultaneous photos were taken for a personal GIF/Boomerang to share via social media.
  • Wishing Star Waterfall – With HatchiBabies top-of-mind, families found tablets connected to to order HatchiBabies to hatch and call their very own.
  • Crystal Canyon – In Hatchtopia, everyone was a winner! Once kids visited each and every land, with the proof on their passport, they entered Crystal Canyon to spin the wheel for the chance to win a number of Hatchimals products, including Hatchimals Colleggtibles, licensed backpacks, lunchboxes, stickers and pencils, and, if they were especially lucky, a HatchiBaby of their own.

A stunning, magical land in itself for fans to enjoy, Hatchtopia provided the perfect place for celebrity and influencer appearances, including actress and mom Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nick Radio’s very own DJ Boogie and DJ Colgate. To further introduce the world to HatchiBabies and allow fans from across the country to join in on the celebration, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” revealed the first on-camera HatchiBabies hatch (it was a girl!), and Nickelodeon personalities Daniella Perkins and Lillimar Hernandez live-streamed directly from Hatchtopia on Hatchimals Day via Nickelodeon’s Facebook page.

rEvolution went beyond Spin Master’s expectations, bringing to life an awe-inspiring world that fans had only imagined until then and setting the stage for a larger-than-life HatchiBabies reveal, one of the brand’s most exciting Hatchimals product launches to date.

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