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Since 2015, REV/XP has been a marketing leader in helping non-endemic brands enter and navigate the space for years, and a crucial partner to endemic teams and properties. Just like at our big brother agency rEvolution, we take an integrated approach to providing consulting, media planning, creative strategy, and production to deliver authentic and innovative thinking and partnerships for brands of all sizes and industries – including Chipotle’s 2020 Chipotle Challenger Series, a new online competition for esports fans.

As traditional sporting events are put on pause for the time being, esports and gaming and entertainment streamers are taking the virtual center stage. In a recent article with City AM, rEvolution’s digital manager Nick Clarke spoke eloquently about the esports industry’s significance during this unprecedented time, and how brands can take advantage now and moving forward as the world returns to normalcy:

“The uncertainty surrounding large sporting events has left many teams and companies unsure of their next steps. Despite this, the esports market seems only to have strengthened … Brands can make use of the isolation period to gain some positive sentiment by sponsoring purely digital events that take place over the coming months and proactively promoting gaming during isolation.”

For marketing executives looking to pivot to esports, rEvolution’s subsidiary esports marketing agency REV/XP is here to help. Through our own three-phased approach, grounded in research and insights, we help our clients develop a customized esports strategy that unlocks the right point(s) of entry along with an ownable position in the space.

REV/XP has been in the game for more than four years, partnering with endemic and non-endemic brands to deliver business impacting integrated esports marketing campaigns and influencer campaigns for its client.

At the forefront of esports thought leadership since the agency’s inception, Managing Director Ken Olsen – feel free to reach out to him anytime with questions – leads the REV/XP team in crafting meaningful partnerships and campaigns for our client partners that break through the clutter, challenge the status quo and pave the way in esports and gaming marketing.

As a subsidiary agency of global independent sports marketing agency rEvolution, we bring to the table unmatched know-how of both the esports and gaming & entertainment industries, all backed by our award-winning, agile integrated marketing services.

We are a client-first, independent and platform-neutral shop, which means we represent only our brand clients. We have all the right connections across the biggest streamers, players, teams and leagues – without being beholden to one over the other, allowing us to consistently deliver strategically innovative marketing solutions to our clients that successfully drive specific marketing objectives. Our expertise include:


For Chipotle, what began as a small but effective 2017 OpTic Gaming team partnership has now evolved into a high-profile, fully integrated esports campaign, laying the groundwork for a longstanding presence within the gaming and entertainment community. In 2019, REV/XP helped Chipotle make headlines and establish itself as a credible partner across properties, pro players and aspiring amateurs alike through eye-catching creative, strategic digital media buys, big-name social influencer partnerships, decked out VIP lounges and the launch of the Chipotle Challenger Series, an amateur tournament dedicated to celebrating and rewarding gaming’s most passionate fans.

The 2020 Chipotle Challenger Series was just recently announced, a “new online competition for esports fans that will connect fans across the country with their favorite gaming and celebrity personalities for a chance to win $50,000 and free Chipotle for a year.”

See more about our work with Chipotle here.

Turtle Wax
From first glance, Turtle Wax, the 75+ year-old global car care product brand, may not seem endemic to the esports and gaming world. Yet, for many of esports’ biggest personalities (and massive followers), their cars are an extension of their personality and lifestyle. Recognizing this passion, Turtle Wax has been a mainstay of the community since 2016, making it one of the longest tenured and genuinely embraced sponsor brands within the space. See more about our work with Turtle Wax here.

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To introduce the non-endemic brand into esports, REV/XP helped Brisk negotiate a deal with OpTic Gaming to created two different video series: “Smooth Competition,” showcasing inter-team competitions, and “A Closer Look,” highlighting the many personalities on the team. See more about our work with Brisk here.

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If you have any questions about our work and how we can help you, send along a note to Ken Olsen. Visit for more information.