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Since 2015, rEvolution has had the privilege to work closely with Spin Master in bringing to life the world of PAW Patrol for a summer road tour, growing in scale and scope each year.

Originally created as a photo opportunity and toy demo tour visiting county fairs, Minor League baseball games and other summer events with built-in crowds, the Tour has grown to a fully-integrated program spanning all of rEvolution’s service offerings as the show has grown to become a bona fide multi-national cultural juggernaut. When Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye and the rest of the gang roll into a Walmart, Toys “R” Us or Target parking lot, you’d swear that The Beatles were in town. For the kids enjoying a summer day in Adventure Bay, they might as well be.

The first two years of the program covered 41 Tour stops, 29 weeks, 4.7 million impressions, nearly 25,000 photos posted on social media, more than 30,000 PAW Parents e-newsletter signups and hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales for retail partners. The 2017, 25-market tour is shaping up to dwarf those numbers.

Here’s how that happened:

Love It Like They Love It
As marketers, we have a perspective empathetic to sports fans for a simple reason – we’re fans, too. So when we take on a project of any size or scope that exists outside of sports, our approach is no different. To deliver an authentic experience that fans will love, we’ve got to be fans ourselves. Sometimes that means our 26-year-old creative strategist is going to get some funny looks on the “L” for watching PAW Patrol during his morning commute. Without hours of pouring over the show and the toy lines to understand what’s truly special about each aspect of the brand, we never would have been able to recreate those little details so faithfully. Sure we love sports, but what we really love is passion!

Bring ‘Em Out!
One of the biggest additions in 2017 – apart from those of activations for new-focus properties like Rusty Rivets and Soggy Doggy, or the 200 additional square footage of Adventure Bay real estate – was a 360-degree Marketing Communications program around the Tour. Our PR team went to work months before the Tour kicked off, seeding the story with media and influencers to drive awareness and attendance. We have seen an average of 2.25 million impressions per market through the first third of the Tour, and the added level of PR has created national publicity opportunities unseen in the Tour’s first two years.

Make Sure Everyone Has Fun
While the creative team and our fabrication partners are responsible for bringing Adventure Bay to life, it’s the hard work of our full-time production and client services teams that ensures it’s a family-friendly, exciting place to spend a day. That means extreme care and thought goes into the setup, teardown, safety, line management, registration, signage, consumer flow, layout and more. Owning each of these concerns and handling them perfectly means that parents can enjoy their day, too, and focus on taking pictures (or just hanging out in the shade) while their little Adventurers play safely.

Grow Together – Grow Off-Peak Sales
The real secret to the success of the PAW Patrol Road Tour is the collaborative nature of the partnership between the brand and the agency. The groundwork from rEvolution and the popularity of the show and the product, paved the way to take the tour from county fair sideshow and Minor League Baseball activation to a value-add for retailers capable of drawing thousands of fans to a parking lot simply to visit the activation and to purchase in-store, one-of-a-kind products. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for the program.

Check out highlights from this year’s tour below and check out the tour website to see if the PAW Patrol Roll Patrol Road Tour is coming to a town near you.

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