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rEvolution’s Chief of Staff Darren Marshall takes great pride in his Lincoln College of the University of Oxford crew days – a time when his love for the passion and tribal camaraderie that make sports so unique really took hold. A few years ago, he discovered the team had lost their main sponsor, and he was disheartened to know the club no longer had access to necessary resources to reach its full rowing potential.

Knowing just how much the crew team meant to him in his university years, Darren easily made the decision to offer a portion of his personal compensation to cover the financial costs of the team and make rEvolution its main sponsor. With Darren and rEvolution’s help, the Lincoln College Boat Club is now professionally coached with state of the art equipment that entices top recruits and positions the program for success in the competitive league. Whenever he is in the U.K., Darren always makes an effort to visit his old stomping grounds, say hi to the team and join in on a practice.

In addition to the opportunity to meaningfully give back to a program Darren truly cares about, the sponsorship provides rEvolution with unparalleled visibility in the rowing community. rEvolution’s creative team developed eye-catching decals and team swag for all of Lincoln College’s boats, oars and kits. The exposure draws the attention of consumer and corporate decision makers present at all of the team’s high-profile regattas as well as esteemed Lincoln College alumni, plus it creates a positive partnership with the college that has grown into a marquee internship program that gives Lincoln College students the chance to join the global rEvolution family.

Be sure to follow the team, check out the rEvolution-branded gear and cheer them on to victory!