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rEvolution’s VP of Marketing Communications Dan Lobring makes the news this month by demonstrating how rEvolution’s unique integrated marketing approach led to the successful “Meet the Maddons” campaign and by offering his social media marketing expertise for budget-conscious businesses. See below for previews and be sure to check out the full articles.

  • When discussing the impact guerrilla marketing can have for brands looking to break through the clutter, Dan states, “[I]f your content, either in the physical world or online, is compelling and authentic and adds value to someone’s experience, it is going to break through. Then you just need to make sure to have an amplification plan for when it does.” He specifically points to our successful “Meet the Maddons” campaign with Winnebago as a tribute to this winning strategy. – Cause a Scene: Guerrilla marketing can have a big impact on a brand’s ability to cut through the clutterANA
  • Smaller businesses looking to leverage their social media platforms to connect with consumers do not need to break the bank to be effective. For those businesses on a tighter budget, Dan recommends, “Fish where the fish are. Only invest in those social channels and platforms that make sense for your customers and prospects.” – 99 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses with a Limited BudgetBlerrp