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Following his piece in City A.M. on the boom of esports during coronavirus, Nick Clarke spoke with The Telegraph on the industry’s continuing appeal for millions. At its core, he says – the competition.

“When you watch a film, or a series, or read a book, or any form of entertainment, you might know how it’s going to be resolved to some extent … But at the end of the day people love watching sports because they don’t know who is going to win.”

According to the article, Twitch has seen a surge in viewership, averaging more than 2 million viewers this April. In addition to the platform’s most popular games, Twitch is beginning to host digital versions of traditional sports, and a broader fanbase is adapting to the current sports climate, finding new ways to consume competitive sports, however radically different that may be.

This falls in line with what we’ve noticed ourselves at rEvolution – the sports world drastically changed overnight, but what we love about sports hasn’t changed in the slightest. The sports fan we know isn’t gone, just finding new ways to experience and express their sports pride and passion.

At rEvolution, we’re quickly adapting ourselves to this new, offering creative, innovative ways to engage the traditional sports fan looking for new outlets. We’ve also always been revolutionary in the non-traditional sports industries, establishing REV/XP more than four years ago – an esports-dedicated agency and marketing leader in helping non-endemic brands enter and navigate the space. Our client roster includes recent work with Chipotle and its Challenger Series as well as Turtle Wax. Learn more about REV/XP’s integrated, strategy-focused esports approach and marketing services here.