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With the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup this month, our deep bench of sports marketing experts shared words of wisdom with the media as it relates to the world’s most watched sporting event.

  • Larry Mann, rEvolution’s EVP of Media and Business Development, sat down with Forbes to discuss “How The Absence Of The U.S. Impacts World Cup Ratings And Advertising,” stating, “Soccer continues to trend up in this country. Being [in] a cultural melting pot, American fans have a rooting interest in many different countries other than the U.S., and Fox has significantly more games on network television this year than ABC had in the past (54 games broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2 in 2014, for example). It will definitely find ratings points in June and July for Fox.”
  • rEvolution’s VP of Marketing Communications Dan Lobring also made his voice heard in an interview with Portada, in which he shared his thoughts on “The World Cup Bounce” and its chances on boosting MLS ratings and the sport’s general popularity in the U.S.