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With the immense growth in esports, Ken Olsen, Sr. Director of REV/XP, rEvolution’s global esports marketing sister agency, chats with GQ Magazine and Marketing Dive, providing expert insight into how brands can really make an impact (or totally flop) when it comes to engaging this passionate fan base.

  • In Ken’s interview with GQ’s style feature writer Cam Wolf, the central question posed, “What Should a Professional Gamer Wear?” In fairly uncharted territory, traditional sportswear companies like Champions, Nike and adidas must rethink their approach when high-performance athletic gear takes a back seat to style. As Ken noted, “They don’t necessarily need performance sneakers to play eSports … They want to look cool when they’re onstage. They want the latest drops and the colorways and the Off-Whites. It’s like, what would any 23-year-old who’s famous and trying to make a name for themselves want to wear?” Check out the full article here.
  • Ken also discussed esports marketing with Marketing Dive’s Shane Schick, particularly highlighting the massive appeal and benefit as well as “inherent risks” brands face when working with professional gamers who’ve amassed large, passionate social fan bases. “They are incredibly savvy on how to communicate with their fans in ways that athletes in traditional sports are not,” [Ken] said. “It’s incumbent on marketers to ensure they’re active with them to maximize the potential brand reach.” See what else Ken had to say here.

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