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rEvolution helped longtime client partner Polaris quickly pivot its team partnership with Minnesota Vikings to launch “Unite the North by Polaris” – a new initiative to honor and raise funds for the brave healthcare workers on the frontlines battling COVID-19. Below is an overview of the program and how you can support:

“The North is strongest when we stand together and there has never been a time where that is more needed or truer. The Minnesota Vikings, in partnership with Polaris, are proud to recognize the healthcare workers who are our offensive line in battling COVID-19. Together, we have created a limited edition Unite the North hat to raise funds to aid these workers and their relief efforts. With a minimum donation of $20.00, you will receive a free Unite the North hat with all proceeds (minus only a small processing fee) going directly to the North Memorial Foundation. To show additional support, Polaris will also match your minimum donation on every hat sold. This means that with a $20 donation, over $37 dollars will be donated to the cause.”

Click the link below to learn more and donate to receive your own Unite the North hat. And as you wait for your hat to arrive, for every social share using the customized hat filter and #UniteTheNorth, Polaris will donate an additional dollar up to $5,000. Donate today!