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To support Farmer John’s “Thank You Tour,” LAFC broadcaster Max Bretos was on the ground at Los Angeles Regional Food Bank this past week donating nearly 700,000 servings of protein and helping to serve free lunch to all food bank employees. As such, the event was covered by Yahoo and Los Angeles Wave, as well as a variety of local and national outlets.

The longstanding Southern California brand’s tour – a 12-week mission to provide one million hot dogs to frontline workers – launched in June as a way to thank essential workers and serve the community through food bank donations.

An engaged and dedicated spokesperson, Max Bretos was introduced to Farmer John through rEvolution and its new LAFC sponsorship, becoming the “Official Packaged Meat Partner of LAFC” and kicking off the partnership with “Max Live” on social media.

Community impact has been key to Farmer John’s LAFC partnership since day one, specifically through “L.A. Familia,” a community-focused campaign that showcases individuals and organizations who seek to improve their local neighborhoods. With the help of Farmer John and rEvolution, stories like the Bresee Foundation continue to be told – safely and socially-distant – with shifts in traditional content production.

Learn more about Farmer John and their community work here.