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I’m not here to convince you to measure sponsorship. There is a stack of season and event recap PowerPoints piling up on your desk and inbox. Your company’s brand team has identified its target market; the research team has a brand tracker in place to monitor KPIs; and the digital & social team keep showing the millions of impressions and engagements you’ve received as a result of the partnership. There is a lot of good in this data, but if asked, “Are these numbers good?” would you be equipped to answer?

Investing in sponsorship-related research is important, but without context, numbers alone lack actionable insights. Are the results impacting your consumers? How do these metrics compare to other property sponsors or other brands in the same category? What is the right level of success for a first-year partner versus a tenured one?

With more than 15 years of data collection, rEvolution is helping several brands and properties define and measure what success looks like.

While we still may be in the midst of summer, we will soon be trading in our tan lines for tailgates, and arming brands and partners with that additional context around college football. From advertisers on regional networks to our 5+ years measuring the College Football Playoff partners, we can show the lift of KPIs throughout the season, the relationship between activation and awareness and the return on investment, all with the ability to contextualize and compare results.

Did you know that sponsors who have the highest unaided recall were title Bowl sponsors? And fans aware of a college football sponsor/advertiser are 2x more likely to buy their products?

As you prepare for the upcoming season, are you ready to see how your brand scored? Reach out to me here if you want to connect and learn more.