Let’s face it – it is a great time to be a sports fan.  You can rewind an amazing play, instantly stream every live game, play with your friend in another state on NBA2K14 and interact with your favorite athletes on Twitter.  But as any 90’s kid will remember, the sports world was a little different back in the day.  Here is our list of the top 20 things a 90’s kid will remember about sports. #90sKidProblems.

1 // You were the best Blitz player of your time on N64.

2 // Magic Johnson is a great commentator.

3 // George Foreman is a guy who sells grills.

4 // This was your most memorable soccer moment.

5 // And this was the real Miracle on Ice.

6 // You think of the Boston Red Sox as a winning franchise.

7 // Jordan retired, then had a brief stint with the Toon Squad.

8 // What’s boxing? You mean MMA?

9 // It’s one of these or nothing.

10 // Henry Rowengartner is the greatest pitcher of all-time.

11 // If you had a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, you were rich.

12 // You could jump higher with these on.

13 // Keri Strug is still an American hero in your eyes.

14 // The fifth major American sport is Slamball, and no one can argue with you on that.

15 // Speaking of which, you remember the XFL.

16 // Sports Illustrated for Kids was the only magazine that mattered.

17 // If you were the short kid in class, Allen Iverson was your hero.

18 // You don’t remember baseball before steroids and PEDs.

19 // Men can fly. You’ve seen it happen.

20 // You were more heartbroken finding out that wrestling is fake, than when you found out about Santa Claus.