Manager, Sales Administration


Manager, Sales Administration

Reporting into the Chief Revenue Officer, the Manager, Sales Administration performs a critical function within the rEvolution sales team. He or she will be responsible for all of the administrative work which ensures the CRO has accurate and timely information, as well as managing the pitch process. Their success will in turn help determine the success of the rest of the sales team in achieving their revenue targets and KPIs.

The Manager will also be responsible for creating standard operation procedures (SOPs) and facilitating sales training to the Sales and Account teams, as well as working with the Manager, Inside Sales to assign and ensure timely follow-up on leads

Role will ideally be based full time in Chicago HQ but can also be remote;

Expected Business Travel (5-10%):
Attending trade shows as necessary and on-site for pitch rehearsals and live training as needed

The Manager, Sales Administration would have the following responsibilities:

Support the CRO and New New Sales teams (33%)
• Prep the pipeline/New Business meetings
• Support the teams on entering timely information into (Note: but not entering it directly for them)
• Keeping the Sales KPIs and New New dashboard up-to-date

Manage the pitch process (25%)
• Maintaining the pitch tracker (won/lost, pending) and providing insights that will help spur increased conversion rates
• Build schedules with team for each pitch
• Ensure the pitch budgets are provided on time
• Set up all pitch meetings, including rehearsals and post-mortems
• Ensure deliverables are provided on time
• Help ‘stitch’ the deck together
• Proofread, edit and provide ideas to tighten and make the deck more compelling, e.g. align the ideas to specific goals
• Ensure we follow-up on any lost pitches to find out why we lost

Maintain the sales playbook and Pardot (20%)
• Capturing any best practices and Standard Operating Processes (SOPs) for sales and business development and adding these to the Sales Playbook
• Keeping Pardot up-to-date, including keeping target lists and assigned weights up-to-date
• Providing reports ongoing

Assist in execution of sales training (20%)
• Creating, delivering and tracking training to support these processes, best-practices and tips
• Keeping Lessonly up-to-date and providing reports ongoing

KPIs measured against:

• Decreased CRO and Sales time spent on administrative efforts
• Decreased error rates in SFDC and Pardot
• Improved pitch conversion rates
• Decreased Account and Sales time spent on pitches
• Percentage of pitches that have timely rehearsals, post-mortems, and confirmed reasons codes
• Utilization and Efficacy of Sales training modules

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