Art of the Pivot

Art of the Pivot

In basketball, pivoting is as fundamental as a chest pass or a layup. At the end of the game when it matters most, a simple pivot can be the difference between a win and a loss. You have the ball, the clock is ticking and two defenders are closing in – what do you do? […]

Going Above and “Beyond Sport”

As a Chicago-based business with a global network of clients, rEvolution has a unique appreciation for the important role businesses through sports marketing campaigns can play in communities.  So when I met with Beyond Sport founder Nick Keller back in September about the upcoming Chicago summit, I was excited about

The Missing “Modern Breed” of Marketers

I spotted an interesting article in a recent issue of the Delaney Report  about the shortage of a “Modern Breed” of marketers.  It seems that many big companies are struggling to find diversified talent (i.e., traditional vs. non-traditional marketing skills), because the digital environment has risen to the forefront of many integrated marketing campaigns.  As […]